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Fencing is an American sport enjoyed by thousands of enthusiasts ranging from club members to hard-core NCAA fighters and Olympians. The United States is one of over 100 nations that comprise the International Fencing Federation and is an Olympic powerhouse. Fencing is by no means a“niche” sport.

Our coaches are SafeSport certified (annually) and proud parents. Our students are always in safe hands.


Coaches Tie the Knot in 2010!!

Coach Jim Burcham

Jenny Seachrist is a co-owner and the head coach at both locations for foil and epee. She began fencing in 1987at Orlando Fencing Club under the watchful eye of Coach Jim Burcham. During her competitive years, she proudly stood on the local podium countless times. She was crowned Central FloridaDivision Womens Champion on multiple occasions and won medals at the regional level. She earned certification as a foil and epee coach from the USFA Coaches College in 2007 and is a certified USFA Armorer. Jenny isa graduate of Florida State University, and until taking the academy on full time, was atenured teacher with Orange County Public Schools.

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Jason Seachrist is a co-owner and foil coach for WGFA. He began fencing under Jim Burcham in 2001and has pursued the sport recreationally. In 2007, he received certification from the USFACoaches College and is a certified foil referee. Jason served honorably in the U.S. Navy, is a graduate of Valencia Community College and is a Product Developer Manager for a tech firm by day.

Ron Cottman is an assistant coach in foil and epee and has been fencing since the 1990’s. He is aregistered nurse and trainer by day.

Sam Harrisis an assistant coach in foil and has fenced with the academy since elementary school. He is an accomplished foil and epee competitor and a senior in high school. Sam also wrestles on the Foundation Academy team.

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