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13 Years and Counting!!

Fencing is an American sport enjoyed by thousands of enthusiasts ranging from club members to hard-core NCAA fighters and Olympians. The United States is one of over 100 nations that comprise the International Fencing Federation and is an Olympic powerhouse.


Coaches Tie the Knot in 2010!!

Coach Jim Burcham

The Seachrists are passionate fencers who compete recreationally and vigorously pursue the progress of the sport. They have a combined experience of nearly forty years and both are recognized as Professional Members of the USFA. Each isSafeSport certified and each holds a FOC referee certification. Jennifer is also an USFA certified armorer.

Coach Jim Burcham, now retired, taught both Jennifer and Jason to fence. He and his son began in the sport at Orlando Fencing Club in the 1980’s. Around 1990, Jim became the head coach and was soon throwing some of thelargest competitions in the state of Florida. In 2017, Jim left teaching and moved to Alabama after passing the club wholly to Jennifer who started taking lessons way back in 1987.

Central Florida thanks Jim for all of his hard work and dedication to the sport of fencing. So many good memories areshared by so many people thanks to him and OFC!

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