Expect Better!!!

Tired of paying for tournaments that run hours behind schedule?

How about standing around for an hour just to get your medal?

Hate those long drives only to find out half the entries showed?




When you enter a “WGFA” branded signature competition, you can always expect a higher level of service than typically found at local competitions. After-all, fencers are customers and we want them to bring their business back.

Over the past ten years, we have hosted tournaments as small as thirty entries and as large as one hundred twenty. We’ve hosted the Central Florida Division Championship for six years, because we do it right. Our team tournaments are the largest on record in the state. Most importantly, we’re known for our impartiality. At WGFA events, everyone gets a fair fight and the most capable officials we can afford.

Here are a couple of the best practices we always observe, but we can’t give away all of our secrets.

Pre-pay works! Time and again, requiring payment at sign-up has significantly reduced no-shows. Only once in years of hosting competitions has an event not met it’s posted classification.

Preplanning with math!We always cap events based on the venue size and the availability of other resources. Tournaments don’t run on time when the number of participants is unknown. It’s really that simple.

20 minute rule.We always strive to begin an event within 20 minutes of close of check-in.

When faced with a decision, choose WGFA!

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Winter Garden Fencing Academy, LLC 2017