How Much Should I Train?

Here at WGFA, we try to meet the scheduling needs of as many of our clients as possible. In addition to day and evening classes, as well as private lessons, we offer the option of one or two group lessons per week. While one lesson per week may fit better into your calendar, the rate of development in the sport is significantly reduced. Those practicing only one hour per week often spend several additional months obtaining proficiency in basic skills and general physical fitness.

Adding a second class is cost effective!!We try to encourage all of our fencers to train at least twice a week by making the second classincredibly affordable. One class is currently $70 per month, but adding a second is only $20 more!

Goals very among our customers. Some train for serious competition local and abroad, others for recreational competition, and a small number are focused on the general strength, cardio and emotional benefits of exercise. Regardless of your goal, one truth remains …. one hour per week won’t get you there!

The recommended amount of time a person exercises per day and week is an opinion that varies greatly among coaches as well as athletes. Some go along with scientifically-backed “industry standards” such as those from the American College of Sports Medicine. Others go above and beyond with dreams of national and international success. However, an individualized approach to fitness and athletic prowess is paramount and widely employed by professional instructors. Age, current level of fitness and personal goals (strength, cardio, flexibility) are crucial factors when determining how much a person should do and how often.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends over two hours of moderate cardio per week to maintain cardiorespiratory health. Using this as a very general baseline, two hours of training per week at the academy is reasonable and highly recommended as a minimum for all fencers.

If you are contemplating a single hour per week, we are happy to accommodate you and will do our best to help you excel in the sport. However, we definitely encourage you take advantage of the savings on a second class as well as the benefits of additional exercise!

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