Orlando Fencing Club

Get up and Move!!!

The club meets twice a week at the College Park Community Center, 2393 Elizabeth Avenue, Orlando FL 32803. There is a $10 per visit floor fee, payable at the door to the City of Orlando.

Monday and Wednesday

  • 6:00-700PM, youth group instruction (elementray school age)
  • 7:00-8:00PM, senior gorup instruction (middle school to adult)
  • 6:00-8:30PM, recreational practice for experienced fencers (foil & epee)

No contracts!
No hidden fees!
No initial investment into gear!
No annual fees!

A friendly and helpful community

Since 1980, Orlando Fencing Club has a long historyy of welcoming fencers from all over the state and providing them a venue for additional practice. Not all of our members were trained locally and skill level varies greatly. Our experienced members are encouraged to help newer fencers in a proud tradition of teamwork. However, please note the following:

1) The City of Orlando and the United States Fencing Association has strict rules for registered coaches. As such, Coach Jennifer Seachrist is the only coach for the club registered with the City of Orlando. No other member or visitor may conduct drills or provide private lessons.

2) Coach Jason Seachrist is a volunteer for the club and is regisetered with the City of Orlando.

3) Both of the above individuals are listed with the USFA and have beenSafeSport certified.

4) Proper fencing uniforms are required following basic training. No member will be permitted to fence in shorts at any time. Ladies are required to wear chest protectors.

5) Any member or visiting fencer found to conduct themselves in an unsportsmanlike manner, or to fence in an abnormal and unsafe way will be denied further service.


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