WGFA College Colors Team!!


Our 2017-18 season finished with a national gold medal and a new “C” rating, hard-won by Maia Slowinski. Barely into the 2018-19 season,

End of Season Bash


What a great little tournament to wrap up the 2017-18 season at WGFA/OFC! Our sanctioned, unrated senior event featured seven competitors. …

Self to Self Training


Never underestimate the value of simple training tools! Throughout the centuries, sportsmen and soldiers have used various forms of …

2018 Off with a Bang!


The end of a year routinely sees a slow-down in trianing as folks depart for vacation, focus on holiday planning, and attend more parties …

Oktoberfence Bling!!

IMG 3115

Wow!!! Just wow!!! The WGFA team dropped the hammer on its competition at USF’s annual “Oktoberfence”! Although the season started …

Nick Farrell visits!


Over the course of twelve years, we have watched many of our fencers grow from young ankle-biters into middle-school kids, and adolescents …

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