Another Great Dogfight

IMG 2653

(L-R) Lewis, Harris, Altman and Cheng - Foil

Although both evnts were small and only classified as E1, the fencing was fierce and everyone was fighting for the title of Big Dawg. The foil event featured four Ds as well as 4 Es, and was shy of a D1 classification by 3 competitors. Most of the fencers were local, but FFA, TFA and JAFA were well represented. In fact, both golds went to fencers from other academies! Congratulations to Tom Cheng of FFA (Foil) and Kieran Stewart-Phillips of TFA (Epee).

IMG 2685

(L-R) Stewart-Philips, Wright, Cheng, McBean - Epee

Winter Garden Fencing Academy, LLC 2017