End of Season Bash


(L-R) Vanetta, Duccini, Weasley & Johnson

What a great little tournament to wrap up the 2017-18 season at WGFA/OFC! Our sanctioned, unrated senior event featured seven competitors. Not only was a gold medal up for grabs, but so was an “E” rating! Coming out of pools, Adam Duccini, with Ironworks Fencing, and Eric Weakley, with Winter Garden, seeded first and second respectively. Both moved into the final four along with Seth Johnson and Nathanael Vanetta, also with WGFA. At the end of afternoon, the gold medal was fought for by Duccini and Vanetta. Duccini took home the gold and the rating, 15-10. The bout was quite fun to watch as Vanetta held Duccini at 14 for several touches. Bronze medals were earned by Weakley and Johnson.

IMG 3058

(L-R) Carpenter, Simmes, Drack & Anand

Our unsanctioned Y10/12 mixed event featured six competitors of various skill levels. Between OFC and WGFA fencers, we racked up six victorious bouts of 30 as well as a 3rd and 4th place seed going into direct eliminations. Jackson Simmes was our top performer of the day. He moved into the final four, beating teammate Nicolas Britnell, 15-4. This was Brittnell’s first tournament. However, Simmes met his nearly six-foot match, Sarah Drack, who reversed that smack-down point for point. Simmes settled for the bronze, 4-15. A tie for third was awarded to Gillian Carpenter with Orlando Fencing.

The final bout was between Drack, with Ironworks Fencing, and AayushAnand,with D’Alerta Fencing. The bout was very close with each fencer answering the touch of the other. At 14-14 in the second encounter, the final point was awarded to Drack on a clean single light.

Winter Garden Fencing Academy, LLC 2017