Great Pumpkin Lives!!!

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This October marked the return of the “Great Pumpkin Open”, an annual tournament created by Coach Jim Burcham and hosted by Orlando Fencing Club for many years. It was considered a “premium tournament” and always featured wichedly cool first-place trophies hand-made by Jim. Several of those were won by Coach Jenny and are featured in our academy. The last “Pumpkin” was held a decade or so ago, so we were very excited to resurrect it with the blessing of Jim (now retired). Keeping with tradition, Jenny made very unique trophies for each event.


With 112 entries and six strips, it was a busy day for everyone. All results can be found on AskFRED (Fencing Results and Events Database), but let’s highlight the top performers. In a small Y8 Mixed Foil event, Orlando Fencing Clubs’Ava Wikstenearned a bronze finish. In a similar sized Y12 event, WGFA’sJackson Simmesearned the gold followed byIan Cottmanwith a bronze. With Orlando, Jillian Carpentertook the silver.

Another gold was earned byMaia Slowinksiin DIV2 Mixed Foil andEric Weakleyfinished in 7th. In Senior Mixed Foil,Sam Harrisfinished 6th. Finally, in the Vet Mixed Foil, two OFC fencers earned medals. Don Patricio(Orlando Fencing Club) won the day andLinda Winchestertook home a bronze!

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That’s a total of 7 medals for WGFA and OFC fencers!! Not a bad day at all.

WGFA continues to be a top performing fencing school in the state of Florida and the results back that up. Also in October, at the University of Florida’s “Orange and Blue Open”, Slowinski finished with a bronze. She was knocked out by a Naples fencer who seeded first from pools, but that same fencer fell victim to WGFA alumi,Jared Lewis. Lewis trained exclusively with us for his junior and senior year of highschool and now fences on the UF foil team. He earned the gold and bumped his D-rating to a C! Well, done! Early this month, Slowinski earned another gold in the University of South Florida’s annual “Da’ Bull’s Touch” andKelsey Beckfinshed the top half. Sam Harris won a bronze in Senior Mixed Foil, while Slowinski finshed in 8th.

As the year winds down, attendance typically drops starting in November. We want to remind all of our fencers that taking an extended break from training will only work against your performance starting in January. If you expect results like those above, training must be cosistent. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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