Ned Light RYC

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Our Team Extends Beyond the Fencers

The picture really does say it all … the WGFA team is the sum of its fencers and those who support them. Over the years, our group of parents have shown alot of love for the sport, our modest school, and of course, their kids. We have been so very lucky that we rarely encounter the type of ego that alienates a person from the team. At WGFA, everyone has the same potential, all are treated the same without favoritism, and the strength of the team depends on the hard work of everyone.

That’s who we are and have always been. No single person outshines the team.

Without doubt, some fencers are more accomplished than others, have more athletic ability, or have more resources to travel further as well as more often to tournaments. They are to be commended for their success, but those who pour their heart and soul into trying their best with what they have must also be praised for their contributions to the team.

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(L-R) Slowinski, Levesque and Beck

This season's Ned Light RYC in Birmingham, North Carolina showcased that team spirit superbly! Althought Kai Levesque has competed in far fewer tournaments than Maia Slowinski and Kelsey Beck, and is in a younger age category, his two teammates were sure to watch out for him at the RYC. More over, while Maia is the most decorated youth fencer in our cadre and at the top in Region 6, she is always willing to support her teammates from the sidelines.

Congratulations to these three .. not just for their medals, but for their attitude, dedication and espirit de corps.

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