Nick Farrell visits!


Nick and Jason at the Crooked Can 2017

Over the course of twelve years, we have watched many of our fencers grow from young ankle-biters into middle-school kids, and adolescents into college graduates. Nicholas Farrell was among our first and is currently the only WGFA fencer with a life-time membership!

Nick showed up for lessons back in 2006 when we offered one class per week at a local karate dojo. It wasn’t long before he hit a growth spurt and began earning many of the medals brought home to the academy for the next several years. He practically perfected the long-range attacks WGFA is known for. At 6’2”, he could lower his center of gravity quickly and launch like a missle toward his target.

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 3.19.13 PM

Nick in 2006

In 2008, at the annual Bankuti Challenge, Nick earned his first rating by taking 3rd of 49 in a D1 DIV3 foil event. Only a year later, he bumped his rating to a D by earning a bronze at the War of Roses. Through constant practice and love of the sport, Nick quickly turned that D into a s0lid C rating by taking the GOLD at the 2010 Green Gator DIV3 Foil event. He put a hurtin’ on his opponent, 15-5.


WGFA fencers at Space Coast Duel 2011

In highschool, Nick became one of our assistant coaches for the youth classes and was even giving private lessons! He stuck with the sport and WGFA for all those years, while marching in band and keeping his grades up. He still fenced during his studies at Florida State University. Nick is now headed to Denver, Colorado after accepting a job at an IT company.

Nick will always have a place in our hearts, as so many of our fencers do. It’s wonderful to see them grow and mature, as well become proficient in fencing. We are very lucky to have such an extended family!

Winter Garden Fencing Academy, LLC 2017