Oktoberfence Bling!!

IMG 3115

DIV3 Foil Team

Wow!!! Just wow!!! The WGFA team dropped the hammer on its competition at USF’s annual “Oktoberfence”! Although the season started in August, this was the first tournament we hit as a group, and others took notice!

Let’s start with the A2 classified, Open Mixed Foil event. Of the 36 competitors, 4 D-rates and an E represented the academy. Jared was also there as part of the UF team :). This event was strong, having three A’s, four B’s and a slew of lower rated fencers. Our entire team advanced from the round of 64 to 32! Slowinski and Doane pushed their way into the next round after tough bouts, 15-12 and 15-13 respectively. Slowinski also defeated a top-rated A fencer in her pool, but was later knocked out by the same guy, 11-15. Doane was eliminated by a Naples fencer who eventually finished the event with gold. Our folks fenced with so much heart and proved their worth. Their ability to defend themselves against these higher-level fencers is improving all of the time. Slowinski finished 9th and Done in 13th.

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Open Foil Team

WGFA really shined in the DIV3 Mixed Foil event! For those unfamiliar with the event categories, DIV3 is also called D/Under. It means that no fencer with a competitive rating above a D may fence in the event. The highest rating that can be awarded by this category is a C for first place and our people were on the hunt!

Nine of our fencers competed in this C2 classified event of twenty-nine. Rau, Doane, and Slowinski all took first in their pools of five and advanced to the quarters, Lewis took 2nd in his pool and made it to the round of 16. The rest of the team was comprised of lesser experienced and brand new competitors who scored touches and wins throughout the morning.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 11.26.17 AM

Slowinski and Doane warming up

By the quarters, we were fencing ourselves! Slowinski took out Doane in a close fight, 15-12. Rau was sent packing by a Naples fencer, 9-15, who then lost to Slowinski in the semi-finals, 15-10. The real nigh-biter was the final bout … Slowinski versus Tate, a former C rated fencer from the west coast now off to college. The lead went back and forthe throughout the bout, until Slowinski was poised to win at 14-13. Tata then managed to tight the score with a little bit of in-fighting and well palced flick. Although we plead with Slowinski to relax and not force the touch, she charged Tate and missed. Tate took advantage and the gold.

It was a great day, indeed, and we are so proud of our entire team. They serve as a shining example for those now in basic training. Keep up the good work and see you in class!!

Winter Garden Fencing Academy, LLC 2017