Signature Tournaments

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Vet Saber 2016

WGFA has been responsible for a handful of record-setting tournaments in Central Florida and the state. We have years of experience throwing small low-rated events and large premium competitions.

Our tournaments are recognized by competitors from across the state as well-crafted, professional competitions. We strive to host top-notch events that run on-time, employ qualified referees and provide fun, but fierce competition. The comparison between our tournaments and many others is striking, so if you are ever faced with a choice… choose WGFA!!

Coming soon! OFC Fools of April and OFC Great Pumpkin will be returning!!


Big Dawg Gold Trophy

WGFA Downtown DogfightTM

This is our “little tournament that could”, held in our modest academy. When there isn’t much else going on, look for a dogfight for a good old fashioned brawl. While small and without grounded strips, you are still assured a great experience with us and with Historic Downtown Winter Garden. Typical event sizes are capped at 16 and most are classedified D1 and under.

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Black Widow Dagger Trophy

WGFA Black WidowTM

Florida’s only tournament dedicated to the ladies. With a haunting spider motif, this humble tournament always features grounded strips, qualified referees and the coolest first place trophies you’ll ever see. Usually held around October, on grounded strips and with qualified officials.

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The “Flaming Rating” Award

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Haze Greys (Navy vets)

WGFA Trial by FireTM

Our oldest tournament dating back to 2006 with humble beginnings as an in-house training event, TBFis a typical tourney with as many events in one day that we can properly manage. It’s also the only tournament to award a“flaming rating”. Held whenever we feel like it, on grounded strips and with qualified officials.

WGFA College Colors TeamTM

In celebration of National College Colors Day each August, our 2014 team competition set a new state record with 23 teams. This event is also a fundraiser for education.

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